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It is one of the largest genus formed by more than 1 600 species. Dendrobium are found from Himalaya to Australia including Pacific Islands. They are frequently used for cut flowers. Their growing habits vary according to the species.
Dendrobium are classified into two groups: those who require cold conditions, they are deciduous, they lose their leaves and bloom on the pseudobulbs; and those who grow with intermediate conditions, they keep their leaves, are evergreen, and bloom on the top of the pseudobulbs.
COOL CULTURE Dendrobium nobile is one of the most typical of the cold conditions Dendrobium group. Summer is their growing peak period: new long pseudobulbs or canes start then to grow. They need abundant watering and food, in a well ventilated bright and warm place. In the early winter, these canes get to maturity and the growth ends. At this stage, the plant needs to be located in a cooler place with no watering during a month. Their leaves falling is normal. Flowers start to appear before the new leaves. Watering must be then resumed within intermediate.
INTERMEDIATE CULTURE Dendrobium of Phalaenopsis type (Dendrobium biggibum and its hybrids) is typical of intermediate to warm conditions Dendrobium. The plants must be kept wet in a bright place. Their thick leaves evergreen last many years. Lowering slightly the temperature and reducing the watering in winter stimulates a spring bloom.
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