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GENERAL INFO The somehow 350 species of the Masdevallia genus spread from Central to South America, and grow according a vertically scale beginning from the sea level to altitudes reaching 4 000 meters in the mountainous cloud forests. These plants are mostly small in size, but some grow to a compact medium size. Their leaves usually grow one by one and are thick as the plant has no pseudobulbs. Flowers are generally small, some could have a bigger size; they appear one after another, or in clusters. Three big sepals combined in a cup-shaped single structure, usually brightly coloured, contain in the bottom small petals and a little lip. Numerous intrageneric hybrids have been created to get plants more tolerant to the hot weather. Hybrids created with the genus Dracula are called Dracuvallia.
CULTURAL REQUIREMENTS Masdevallia have special growing requirements, one of them is a good quality of water; that is, a kind of water low in mineral salts. Another of their requirements is higher humidity, something varying between 75 à 95% (with a minimum requirement of 65%). They grow in light or medium shade. These plants are in a continuous growth during the year, usually blooming with the maturation of a new growth. Thus, they need frequent waterings all year long because they have no food storage. It is best to repot them after the blooming period. The new pot must big enough to contain the roots and one or two new growths. The potting medium should drain well but also water-retentive, obtained with a mix of fine bark, New-Zealand sphagnum moss or osmund fiber. Masdevallia live best in a cooler temperature, so they should not be exposed to intense heat waves.

Fertilization: a balanced fertilizer which concentration should be 200 parts per million; the medium should be rinsed out in clear water at least once a month.
TEMPERATURE Warm conditions: daytime: 20°C-26,5°C (68°F-80°F), night: 11,5°C-18°C (53°F- 65°F)
Intermediate conditions: daytime: 12,5°C-20°C (55°F- 68°F), night: 9°C-13,5°C (48°F-56°F)
Cool conditions: daytime: 10°C-16,5°C (50°F-62°F), night: 4,5°C-11,5°C (40°F-53°F)
LIGHT 600 to 1 400 foot-candles
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