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GENERAL INFO This genus includes about twenty species and some natural hybrids found in Central and South America. Many species have recently been renamed in a parent genus group: Miltoniopsis. They are epiphytic with flat and round pseudobulbs. They use to bloom at the bottom of new pseudobulbs. The flower have rounded, flat petals, and their centers display a colored splash called a mask or "waterfall"; they look very much tlike pansies, some call them "Pansy Orchids". Thousands of hybrids have been produced with related genera like Odontoglossum and Oncidium.
CULTURAL REQUIREMENTS There are two groups with different needs: Miltonia, native to lower and warmer altitudes of Brazil, growing within intermediate conditions. And Miltoniopsis, growing in the Columbian Andes, within cooler conditions. Both groups have pseudobulbs, that means they both need a dormancy period.
INTERMEDIATE GROUP The active period of growth starts in spring or in summer when new roots grow under the old pseudobulbs and new growths appear. Watering must be increased and fertilization includes a high percentage of nitrogen. These plants need a good ventilation as well as high humidity. They usually like a semi-shaded place, but they resist a very bright light if the temperature is not too high and the evaporation not too important. When in dormancy, watering should be reduced to its minimum, but the substrate is kept to a certain degree of wetness.
COOL GROUP Miltoniopsis have basically the same needs as above, but within cooler conditions. Growing temperatures vary with each species.
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