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GENERAL INFO Odontoglossum are epiphytic orchids found in mountainous areas of Central and South America. They have round or oval-shaped swollen pseudobulbs with two or three leaves. Thousands of hybrids have been produced with this genus and related genera, mostly Miltonia, Miltoniopsis and Oncidium. Many species are fragrant.
CULTURAL REQUIREMENTS Most of them grow within cold conditions, except Odontoglossum krameri which grows within intermediate conditions. Pseudobulbs indicate the need of a resting period in fall or in early winter. Watering must be reduced. To promote the blooming, it is necessary to place the Odontoglossum in a cold and very bright room. As soon as the first buds show, occasional watering can be resumed. The new growths will accelerate the termination of flowering, watering must then be abundant in a well ventilated room and high humidity. Numerous pseudobulbs will grow the following year. Odontoglossum can be mounted on cork or tree-fern plaque with excellent results, but watering must be frequent. They can also be grown in tiny pots as long as they are very well drained and ventilated. Check for mealybugs and scales in summer, mostly during the dry and hot season.
LIGHT 2000 to 3000 foot-candles
TEMPERATURE Cool area and very good ventilation
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