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GENERAL INFO There are over 750 species scattered from Florida to Argentina, with cool, intermediate and warm growing requirements. Oncidium are mostly epiphytes. They present pseudobulbs, and leaves in different shapes, and also differ in sizes. The flower is the only characteristic they have in common.
CULTURAL REQUIREMENTS As the species vary so much, it is important to know where a specimen comes from in order to give it the right growing conditions, cool, intermediate or warm. All need a very well ventilated substrate. Growing Oncidium mounted on cork or tree-fern plaques yields excellent results. The pseudobulbs in these plants indicate that a resting period is needed; by the end of the fall, watering is reduced as well as temperature. This triggers new spikes. From spring to fall, it is growing period, watering must absolutely be abundant in a humid and shady atmosphere. As soon as new roots develop, it is an ideal time to repot and divide.
TEMPERATURE From 20°C to 27°C day, and 15°C night and could be as low as 10°C for genera related to Miltonia and Odontoglossum.
LIGHT 1000 to 2000 foot-candles
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