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Adelaide Orchids Anglais
Stephen & Robyn Monkhouse eBay Store.
Akerne Orchids Anglais
Belgium's Leading Botanical Orchid Nursery.
Avas Flowers Anglais
Better-Gro Anglais
Wholesale Orchids and Orchid Supplies. Arcadia, Florida, USA.
Cloud's Orchids Anglais
Claudio Rossi, Ontario, Canada.
Crystal Star Orchids Anglais
Quality Orchids, Cacti, Succlents and more. Eric Lee, East Gwillimbury, Ontario, Canada.
Ecuagenera Anglais/Espagnol/Français
Production et la conservation d'espèces d'orchidées et d'hybrides, Cuenca, Équateur.
Ezi-Gro Orchids Anglais
Orchid Growers, Importers & Exporters. Kevin Butler, Australia.
Flora Peculia Anglais/Français
Specializing in Neofinetia and Japanese Orchids. Terry Kowalczuk, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Forestview Gardens Anglais
Specialized in slipper orchids. Agassiz, British Columbia, Canada.
J&L Orchids Anglais
Easton, Connecticut, USA.
Le Paradis des Orchidées Français
Laurent Leblond et Sylvie Paquette, Laval, Québec, Canada.
Orchids Direct Anglais
Leading importer of fresh cut Orchids from Asia. , Nova Scotia, Canada.
Orchids in our Tropics Anglais
Doug and Terry Kennedy, gormley, Ontario, Canada.
Orchis Floriculturing Anglais/Chinois
Paramount Orchids Anglais
A wild variety of tropical orchids, Parksville, British Columbia, Canada.
Peruflora Anglais
Peruflora Peruvian Orchids, Lima, Peru.
Piping Rock Orchids Anglais
Paphiopedilums, Phragmipediums and other genera. Galway, New York, USA.
Sunset Valley Orchids (SVO) Anglais
Specialized in Catasetinae and many other genera. Fred Clarke, Vista, California, USA.
Tropical Gardens Orchids Anglais
Wild variety of tropical orchids. Calvin Wong, Ladner, British Columbia, Canada.

Matériel (Pots, substrats, engrais, étiquettes...)
Aussie Plant Tags Anglais
Specializing in small runs of customized plant tags. Boronia, Victoria, Australia.
Bark Products Taranaki Anglais/Japonais
Suppliers of bark for use as an orchid growing medium. Established in 2000. Hans and Anita van de Ven. Taranaki, New Zealand.
Broward Orchid Supply Anglais
Baskets, tree fern, potting mixes, fertilizers, and other orchid supplies available. Hollywood, Florida, USA.
Calwest Orchid Supplies Anglais
Selection of orchid supplies offered. Riverside, California, USA.
Chile Moss Anglais
Chilean sphagnum moss supplier. Las Condes, Santiago, Chile.
Chula Orchids Anglais
Orchid growing supplies for mail order. Harry Tolen and Patricia Tolen. Lebanon, Oregon, USA.
Clay Trout Pottery Anglais
Unique red, white, and black clay pots designed especially for orchids. Kim Barry-Van Voris. Mattapoisett, Massachusetts, USA.
Dyna-Gro Anglais
Selection of nutrient solutions with a section on orchid culture. San Pablo, California, USA.
EpiWeb Suédois/Anglais
Growth substrate, similiar to tree fern, for growing orchids. Sweden.
Gemma Watering Stones Anglais
Natural volcanic stones for use as an orchid medium. Ladysmith, British Columbia, Canada.
Great Mass International Anglais
Sphagnum moss products for commercial orchid cultivation, Taïwan.
Green Barn Orchid Supplies Anglais
Potting materials, pots, baskets, wire products, plant food, fungicides, pesticides and more is available. Delray Beach, Florida, USA.
Interior Water Gardens - Hydroculture Oasis Anglais
Products and information on growing orchids in hydroculture. Surf City, New Jersey, USA.
Jim's Orchid Supplies Anglais
Orchid supplies catalog and FAQ. Jim Jarvis. Fort Pierce, Florida, USA.
Kelley's Korner Orchid Supplies Anglais
Orchid growing supplies. Daryl Yerdon and Carl Doremus. Milford, New Hampshire, USA.
OFE International Anglais
Large selection of supplies for growing orchids. Carlos A. Cahiz. Miami, Florida, USA.
Orchid Accessories Anglais
Diverse selection of orchid growing products offered. Middleton Cheney, Banbury, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom.
Orchid Care Services Anglais
Potting mixes and growing media from Australian materials. Werner Deisel. Oakville, New South Wales, Australia.
Orchid Gallery Anglais
Handmade pots, made of white clay, designed for Masdevallias and other cool growing orchids. Ceramic mounts. Established 1999. Geraldine Powell. Signal Mountain, Tennessee, USA.
Orchid Lady Anglais
Containers, live moss, orchid tours, gifts and more. Jupiter, Florida, USA. Anglais
Selection of lamps, trays, tables, and other orchid growing supplies. Spectrum Innovations. Burlington, Vermont, USA.
Orchid Pot Co. Anglais
Selection of orchid pots offered. Port Macquarie, New South Wales, Australia.
Orchid Tray Company Anglais
Offering accessories to orchid enthusiasts thoughout the Sydney area and the rest of Australia. Peter Meyer and Samantha Stevens. Ashfield, New South Wales, Australia.
Peter's Glen Shadehouse Anglais
Structures, fertilizers, bark, moss, pots, labels, and other items for orchid growers available. Established over 30 years ago. Thorneside, Queensland, Australia.
Quarter Acre Orchids Anglais
Growing supplies and plants, including clear plastic pots, cute plant clips, pre-washed coconut husk mix, fertilizers, baskets, AAA New Zealand Sphagnum and more. Alexandria, Virginia, USA.
Ravenvision Anglais
Orchid supplies and images. Stratford, Ontario, Canada. Anglais
Custom made orchid mixes and supplies offered. Maryland, USA.
Roberts Flower Supply Anglais
Growing supplies including orchid mixes, coconut chips, bark, charcoal, moss, wire, chemicals, pots watering equipment, humidity trays, lights, polycarbonate and shade cloth. Specializing in hardy American species. Columbia Station, Ohio, USA.
Tindara's Orchid Supplies Anglais
Offering a wide variety of high performance, professional quality orchid and potted plant growing supplies, including premium orchid growing mediums. Selection of Paphiopedilum hybrids also available. Frank Coppolino. Georgetown, Massachusetts, USA.
Tropical Plant Products Anglais
Fertilizers, fungicides, insecticides, potting media, clay pots, treefern, baskets, and other orchid supplies are available. Orlando, Florida, USA.
Ultimate Orchid Basket Anglais
Plastic containers designed for orchids that can be used as a hanging basket or pot. Huntington Beach, California, USA.
US Orchid Supplies Anglais
Offering a wide variety of orchid supplies. Oxnard, California, USA.

Divers (serres, etc)
Charley's Greenhouse & Garden Anglais
Greenhouses and orchid supplies available. Charley & Carol Yaw. Mount Vernon, Washington, USA.
Glaskunst Zange Allemand
Orchid plant stakes, 33 to 55 cm. long, created with glass. Haselbach/Thüringer Wald, Germany.
Joaillerie André Godbout Anglais
Orchid Jewelry Collection, Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada.
Undergreen Concept (Serres) Français
Jean-François Rousselot, Région toulousaine, France.
Vivaria Anglais
Custom-made vivariums and orchids available. Amsterdam, Netherlands..
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